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What are your hours?

Monday – Tuesday: Closed (except for long weekends & December 18th – January 2nd. Call to verify)
Wednesday – Saturday: 8:30am – 5pm
Sunday: Shooting: 1pm – 6pm / Grill: 11am – 5pm

How much time is required to shoot a round of clays?

The length of time required depends on the group size. A twosome can expect it to take approximately 1.5 hours. For a group of 4 shooters, it will take approximately 2 to 2.5 hours.

How much does this cost?

Assuming Non-Member, 100 rounds of clay targets, in need of rental shotgun and purchasing ammunition from us.

$49.50 for 100 clay targets
$50.00 for 100 rounds of shells (price subject to change)
$30.00 for cart rental(cost can be split by up to 4 guests)
$30.00 for gun rental(cost can be split by up to 4 guests)

Assuming Non-member, 50 rounds of clay targets, in need of rental shotgun and purchasing ammunition from us.

$39.25 for 50 rounds of sporting clay targets
$25.00 for 50 rounds of shells/ammo
$30.00 for cart rental (cost can be split by up to 4 guests)
$30.00 for gun rental( cost can be split by up to 4 guests)

I don't have shotgun experience?

Our goal is to introduce new shooters to this great sport. We welcome you!

If you haven’t handled a shotgun, at a minimum, you’ll need an experienced shooter willing to assist you at all times. If you’re not accompanied by an experienced shooter, you are required to take our Introductory Lesson. Group lessons are also available. Our introductory lesson provides an informative orientation on safety, diagnosis of potential eye dominance, proper gun mounting, stance, and shot technique. The lesson is in a relaxed atmosphere and is meant to be enjoyed.

For those new shooters more inclined to learn on their own and are accompanied by an experienced shooter, we offer our Developmental Course. Our Developmental Course offers three shooting stations located in a private setting. The area allows new shooters to move at their own pace while preparing for the faster pace experienced on the sporting clay courses. Targets on the Developmental Course are closer to the shooting deck and move at a reduced speed. This allows new shooters the ability to develop the eye-hand coordination required to successfully break targets.


Why should I take an introductory lesson?

Our Introductory lesson provides an informative orientation on safety, diagnosis of potential eye dominance, proper gun mounting, stance, and shot technique. The lesson is in a relaxed atmosphere, is meant to be fun and moves at your pace. Our instructors are here to answer your questions and ensure a much faster path to successfully breaking clays on the course. Learn More

How much are lessons?

Our Level III, NSCA certified instructor charges $95 an hour. Learn More

What is the process and what is sporting clays?

In Detail:

  • First you check-in. This includes signing a Liability Release Waiver, renting a golf cart and choosing which course or shooting game you want to take part in. You can also purchase shells/ammo and rent shotguns from us.
    Upon check-in you will receive a pass-card allowing you access to our wireless target system used to control the target machines (traps). You will also receive a scorecard.
  • Once on the course of choice, you will start on station one which will be clearly marked with bright orange lettering. You will continue the course in numeric order until each shooting station has been shot. Our course manager will also be available to assist with getting you started.
  • Each station will have a shot menu. This menu provides you with the number of rounds required for that station and will also instruct you on the shot type. The shot type can either be a Report Pair or a True Pair:
    Report Pair – Upon the verbal command of ‘pull’ called by the shooter, the first clay is launched by pressing the designated button for trap 1. Once the shooter pulls the trigger and the shot is heard, the second target is then launched simultaneously by pressing the designated button for trap 2.
    True Pair – Both clays are released simultaneously by pressing one designated button.
    If shooting in a group, participants can take turns operating the controller that launches the targets. Or, if shooting individually, a timer can be set on the controller allowing for a delayed launch.
  • Keeping track of the shooter’s hit’s and misses is an important part of the process. Using a score card provided at check-in, shooters record their hits and misses at every station. Not only does this document the highest score and define the winner, it also assists the shooter with tracking scores from previous or future visits, providing a way to gauge performance.
    A Hit or Dead Bird – refers to a clay that at a minimum has a chip break off or is preferably smashed.
    A Miss or Lost Bird – refers to a clay that is not broken, or at a minimum chipped.
  • After shooting all designated stations, the shooter with the most recorded hits or dead birds wins.
  • Return your golf cart to the same area where it was picked up. Grab a bite to eat and a cold beverage while enjoying the beautiful views on our expansive decks and in the company of friends.

What if I have experience with shooting shotguns but have never shot clays?

We recommend checking-out the Developmental Course. The targets here move at a slower speed and are flying closer to the shooting decks. This allows you to more easily develop the hand-eye coordination needed to successfully break clays. If you’re easily smashing targets here you know you’re ready for the course!

Another option is our Introductory Lesson. You will shoot anywhere from 25-50 targets during the lesson. The lesson provides an informative orientation on safety, diagnosis of potential eye dominance, proper gun mounting, stance, and shot technique. The lesson is in a relaxed atmosphere and is meant to be enjoyed. If you truly want to enjoy the sport of breaking clays and accelerate the ‘learning curve’, an introductory lesson is highly recommended!

Do you rent shotguns and what types?

We rent a full range of shotguns. Including premium Beretta shotguns such as the Silver Pigeon One Over/Under and the Beretta A400 semi-automatic. We have 12ga, 20ga and 28ga versions available – including ladies and youth models.

Can I bring my own shotgun and shells/ammo?

Not a problem.

Can we rent a shotgun for more than one shooter?

You’re welcome to share a shotgun rental with up to 4 shooters (maximum).

Are reservations required for shooting on the course?

No. We are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

What shooting games do you offer?

2 sporting clay courses
Development Course

What is a Five-Stand?

A type of shotgun shooting similar to sporting clays, trap and skeet. There are five stations set up on one deck and up to 8 strategically placed clay target throwers (called traps). Shooters shoot in turn at various combinations of clay targets.

What is Wobble?

The Wobble trap is an advanced version of a standard trap, in that the wobble oscillates up and down as well as side-to-side. This provides for a much more extreme flight path of the clay in comparison to a standard trap machine which is set up with a fixed launching position. This game takes place in one area and does not require moving from station to station. This is great fun for all skill levels.

Do you have a minimum age requirement for shooting?

The recommended minimum age for target shooting is 10. A Liability Release Waiver must be signed by parent or guardian, who must verify & attest to the youth-shooter. All shooters age 18 and above must also sign a Liability Release Waiver.

Lessons may be provided to youth with both a Liability Release Waiver signed by accompanying parent or guardian and verification of the age of the youth-shooter’s age.

Can you teach my child to shoot?

Yes. Simply schedule a lesson with us and we will patiently demonstrate safety, and handling of the shotgun while also instructing the youth on how to successfully break clays.

Why would I want my child to participate in shooting sports?

In Detail:

  • Shooting sports allow children the ability to participate at a level equal to their peers, regardless of size or body type. This is not always the case with many sports. As such, it’s a great sport to build confidence in youth.
  • Shooting sports build hand-to-eye coordination. This coordination is essential in all sports and generally useful in many aspects of life.
  • Sporting clays teaches patience and focus.
  • The constant emphasis on gun safety teaches responsibility.
  • Shooting can be a very social sport, allowing your children to interact with other children in a relaxed environment.
  • Sporting clays can be enjoyed with the entire family and a great way to spend time together.

What is a Development Course?

Our development course (PINES) offers a relaxed atmosphere with 10 shooting stations. Each station provides a ‘toned down’ version of popular sporting clay shots, including incoming targets, outgoing targets and crossing targets. This area allows you to move at your own pace, preparing you for the faster paced sporting clay courses. This area is also frequently used by our instructors while providing lessons.

What type of paperwork do I need to fill out?

Are there any restrictions on what kind of shotgun I can bring?

Yes. Shotguns must have a barrel length of at least 24”. Guns with a visible hammer, Riot shotguns, Street Sweepers, and Personal Defense Shotguns (pistol grip) are NOT allowed.

Do you sell eye and ear protection?

We do sell inexpensive but effective eye and ear protection.
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