Garland Shooting Activities

~Garland Mountain~

Tucked away in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains is where you will find Garland Mountain Sporting Clays & Grill. Garland Mountain delivers an exceptional outdoor experience that is sure to excite everyone. We combine this experience with long-range mountain views, a beautiful lodge and an understanding that great food and drink are essential to creating a memorable experience. Whether you’re visiting our beautiful mountain-view sporting clays courses or simply stopping by for a meal, we welcome you!

Garland Mountain is perfect for:

Get-together with friends
Family fun
Entertaining clients
Group get-togethers
Corporate outings
Special Events
Charity fundraising

Garland Mountain offers the following shooting sports:

  • Sporting Clays Pines Course – offers beginners a relaxed atmosphere with 10 shooting stations. Each station provides a ‘toned down’ version of popular sporting clay shots, including incoming targets, outgoing targets, crossing targets, the trampoline shot and the dueling rabbits!
  • Sporting Clays Ridge Course – 100 shot course with 14 stations for the beginner to intermediate shooter.
  • Sporting Clays Trail Course – 100 shot course with 14 stations for the intermediate to advanced shooter.
  • Five Stand – Up to five persons shoot at each of the five windows while various presentations of targets are thrown. This a great way to warm-up for the sporting clay courses or challenge a friend to see who accomplishes the top score!
  • Wobble Trap – From the convenience of our mountain view deck located near our lodge, shooters will be presented with varying trap targets thrown from an oscillating trap machine. This fast-paced game is challenging and also a great warmup for the sporting clay course.

Are you a New Shooter?

What will your experience look like?

  • Upon arrival, you will check in at our mountain-view lodge where you’ll be greeted by one of our hosts. Your host will go over your shooting options and fit you with any required gear including rental gun, ammo/shells, eye and ear protection. Your host will also answer any question you might have.
  • You will be assigned a four-passenger golf cart which you’ll load up with your gear and drive to one of our beautiful mountain view courses. If this is your first visit with Garland Mountain, your host will accompany you to the first course station and go over safety procedures and rules. Your host will also show you how to operate our target launching system and provide pointers for successfully smashing clay targets.
  • Your party will then take turns shooting at clay targets flying through the skyline. There are 14 shooting stations located throughout the course and each station provides a different target presentation. Guests will usually stay on the course for 2 to 2.5 hours.
  • After successfully smashing targets, you will head back to the lodge where you can enjoy our mountain-view grill. Our grill will have your palate tingling with delight, making an already memorable experience all that more special. We also offer a full bar to be enjoyed after shooting.
To learn more about our beautiful facility, call us today!