~Garland Mountain~

Where friends and family blissfully gather to blast away at flying targets and enjoy delicious food and spirits!
Garland Mountain delivers an exceptional outdoor experience that is sure to excite everyone and create lasting memories. We combine our target shooting experience with long-range mountain views, rugged UTV carts, a beautiful rustic lodge and an understanding that great food and drink are essential to creating a memorable experience. Whether you’re visiting our beautiful mountain-view sporting clays courses or simply stopping by for a meal, we welcome you!

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Activity Non-Member Member
Sporting Clays Course Full Round – 100 Targets $49.50 $37.50
Sporting Clays Course Half Round – 50 Targets $39.25 $24.75
Five Stand – 25 Targets $23.25 $16.75
Wobble Trap – 25 Targets $23.25 $16.75
Quail & Pheasant Hunts (Available October-March) Learn More   
Other Cost Considerations Non-Member Member
Ammo/Shells (Box of 25) $12.50  
Premium UTV Cart Rental – 4 Person Maximum $30.00 $20.00
Premium Beretta Shotgun Rental – 4 Person Maximum Share Per Shotgun $30.00 $20.00
Eye Protection $5.95 $0.00
Ear Protection $1.00 $1.00


Introductory Lesson for Individuals, Families & Groups Cost

Have an absolute blast while learning to successfully smash clays!

Our Introductory lesson provides an informative orientation on safety, proper gun mounting, stance, and shot technique. The lesson is in a relaxed atmosphere, is a ton of fun and moves at your pace.

A typical lesson is approximately 1.5 hours for an indiviudal and 2 hours for a family/group.

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$95.00 / Hour Individual
$25 / Hour Per Additional Person


Other Cost Considerations:
Clay Targets: .50 each (approx. 25 clays per person) = $12.50

Ammo: 1 Box Per Person ($12.50 per box)

Cart Rental: $30 (shared with up to 4 people)

Shotgun Rental: $30 (shared with up to 4 people or bring your own shotgun)